September 2022 Spotlight Winner

September 27, 2022

Have you seen our Newsletter section, “Can’t Make This Up”? Every now and again we hear a great story from one of our NIHCA Clubs about the antics happening with their members. We ask our clubs to be creative with our themes and you did not disappoint this month. The entries this month included stories that were creative, inspiring and we could not have made them up.


Congratulations to Maslowski Wellness and Research Center in

Wadena, MN

MWRC sent us the story of their Grand Opening Gala in 2014 and the antics of those attending and some who overstayed their welcome:

“Later that night (IN FACT..Early the next morning) after our staff had eaten what they liked of the pizza and snacks and placed them in the fridge in our Executive meeting room, I found a family that had decided to take it upon themselves to not only eat the leftovers, but to also stay the night in the meeting room!  They were KINDLY asked to leave the facility.  Never have seen them again!  You just never know what you might see at your center!!!!”

The contest ended but we still love to hear your stories, you can email them to and then watch our monthly Newsletter to see if your story is featured.

What would you do with a $100 check from NIHCA? Get your entries in now for our November 2022 Spotlight Contest!

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