What We Do... For The Fitness Facility Member

I am a member of a fitness center

The fitness incentive programs were designed to help improve the health and wellness, and perhaps even make lifestyle changes for the individuals.  An ongoing commitment from these individuals will help maximize the benefits of the fitness incentive programs.

Find a participating fitness center that offers the fitness incentive programs

Request that your fitness center participates in the fitness incentive programs

Member Responsibilities:

  • You must work out at the fitness center the required number of times to receive the reimbursement/incentive.
  • You must work out within the walls of the fitness center and/or within the fitness center’s supervised programming.
  • You will have a period of time between the completed month and the applied reimbursement/incentive.
  • The reimbursement/incentive cannot exceed what you pay for your monthly membership at the fitness center. (I.E. If you do not pay anything to your fitness center to work out, then you would not be able to see any type of reimbursement/incentive.)
  • If you cancel your membership at the fitness center, this will result in forfeiture of any unapplied reimbursement/incentive.  All applied reimbursements/incentives will be disbursed to you.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the work out is recorded at the time of check-in to the fitness center for your work out.
  • It is your responsibility to provide a photocopy of your insurance card or other proof of eligibility, along with the completed enrollment form, to the fitness center.
  • You must promptly report any changes to your insurance benefit to your fitness center.
  • If you are denied reimbursements/incentives due to ineligibility, please contact “MEMBER SERVICES” on the back of your insurance card.

For more details about each fitness incentive programs, click here.

**IMPORTANT REMINDER:  If you are enrolled or thinking about enrolling into the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Health Club Credit program, you need to fill out the ANNUAL ASSESSMENT after the first of each year.