Lost & Found Policies

February 9, 2021

We’ve all been finishing up laundry and realize there is one missing sock. Talk about frustrating. What I don’t understand is, how can you leave the gym and realize you lost your keys and not go back to find them?

Today’s topic is a hot one – do you have a Lost & Found Policy?

Short answer, if you don’t have a policy maybe now is the time to make one for your facility.  We took the liberty of breaking down a memo and log from one of our clubs and generalized it for you to make it your own at your facility. Here is an example Lost & Found Policy and Item Log: Lost and Found Policy and Log.

Here is what our clubs said:

  • Hygiene items not claimed are tossed at end of each day
  • Clothing and general items not claimed usually end up getting donated
  • One facility has a rummage sale each year and donates the money (LOVE this!)
  • High Value items are logged, secured and kept indefinitely

I hope nobody loses their keys, wedding rings or minds! However, as George Carlin said, “If I ever lose my mind I hope some honest person will find it and take it to Lost and Found”.

2020 NIHCA Student Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to our 2020 Student Scholarship winner, Anna German of Hutchinson, MN.  Anna received a $500 scholarship from NIHCA for her 2021 school year. Anna intends to begin her education to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. Anna currently works at an acute and long term care facility and looks forward to continuing in a more specialized setting as a PTA.

Anna said, “I think it is very important to get people moving and out of their rooms”. We couldn’t agree more, Anna.



Congratulations, Anna! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

Let’s Talk Salaries

February 1, 2021

The NIHCA Networking Group has been around for some time now. Our facilities ask on a regular basis, “what do you pay your …..?”. A few years ago, we put this information into a spreadsheet and shared it amongst our Networking Group. This is a great resource to go back to and review, if you find yourself looking to hire a new director, front desk clerk, maintenance staff or if you find yourself looking to add a personal trainer at your facility. Please note that as of today, February 2021, the memberships may not be as accurate due to the 2020 year with COVID.



To pull up the spreadsheet click here, NIHCA Knows-What do you pay your staff…



Once again, we reached out to gather this information for you. We will not list or provide the specific facilities that provided data. If you would like to help us grow the data pool, please email us at rewards@nihca.org.


January 2021 Spotlight Winner

NIHCA $100 January Spotlight Challenge ~ “What are you doing to make your existing members comfortable coming in with the changes and challenges we are all facing today?”

Congratulations to Insane Fitness in Fargo, ND!

2020 threw challenges at us that we never expected and together we are coming into 2021 stronger. It is because facilities like yours are making members feel comforted to come back as doors open and as we move forward. Jennifer offers members Zoom trainings and her members know they can personally reach out to her with concerns.


Know your members and invite them in!

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