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What do you need help with at your club for 2021?

This webinar will be an open forum, a live Zoom call, for all NIHCA clubs that need help or want some answers to their questions, as they crawl out of the covid chaos. It’s new year and now more than ever, we need help to get our members to come back. How do we do that? What else is being challenging within your facilities that you need help with?

Karen Woodard is going to be live for 60 minutes, taking all of your questions, while we network with the entire all the webinar participants on creating Key Priorities for 2021!

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“How Do You Conduct Virtual Workouts”

January 2021

Our first question we asked the NIHCA Networking Group was:

“How do you conduct virtual workouts?”

Our question came about as we have heard facilities scrambling this year to find solutions for the situation none of us could have anticipated. Of course, it is our hope that this is behind us and we all see our members coming back through our doors and one day soon we will again be able to see the smiles as they walk in.

The most popular Virtual Workouts offered that align with the Fitness Incentive Program is through a Zoom platform where members sign up for the class and attend from their home but are active with the instructor just as they would be if they were able to come together in the facility. This is offered as part of the membership for most facilities while they are shut down and may come with a minimal charge when the facility is able to be open. There are facilities that can offer this through their club software so that attendance is also taken when a member logs into the class.

There are some clubs/facilities who offer virtual workouts that do not qualify for the Fitness Incentive Programs. These workouts may be offered free or for an additional monthly subscription ($10-30/month) and are offered through emails sent or posted on social media. These workouts are prerecorded or written/typed out for the individuals to do at their convenience. There are also facilities that offer a library of workouts for an additional cost (again it ranges from $10-30 per month) to their members to access away from the facility.

Let us know if there are questions you would like answered in the future, you can email us at

Special Edition Webinar ~ Difficult Questions, Confident Answers

Webinar presented by:  Karen Woodard-Chavez

Thanks to our sponsor: ShapeNet

Brace yourself for tough conversations and even bad behavior to come from Members, Clients and Staff. This special edition webinar comes on the heals of the NIHCA webinar “Inviting Difficult Conversation” as there was a demand for covering difficult situations with Members, Clients and Staff. In this webinar, Karen will focus solely on the tough situations you need help on, when speaking to your dear members/clients. Karen will craft written verbiage as well as demonstrate delivery and inflection for best outcomes. This session is limited to 100 attendees so register now. All attendees will receive the verbiage and script to utilize for your tough situations and confident answers..



Hello from Beautiful Granite Falls, MN!

Granite Falls, MN really is a beautiful town right on the Minnesota River.  Earlier this summer we were lucky enough to have a gorgeous day when our Board came to town.  We took them for a walk over the 1935 Suspension Bridge and had our meeting at a local hot spot, Bluenose Gopher Public House.

We are thankful for amazing Board Members!

Below: Bob Grems, Heather Godfrey, John Small and Ryan Yunkers

#loveourNIHCABoard #GFSuspensionBridge #ILOVEGF #GraniteFallsMN #NIHCArocks

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