2019 NIHCA Conference & Exhibit Show (Breakout Session #1)

10:15-11:15 am //Connecting Outside of the Club // 

Presented by: Tara Wiskow

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Learn strategies to connect with individuals who are too anxious, scared, intimidated or embarrassed to join a gym. These strategies will gain you their trust, they will get to know you and form a liking for you and your style of training.
The first gym they step foot in will be YOUR gym.


We would love to see you. 

Please call our office to find out if we can get you registered – (320) 722-0084

2019 NIHCA Conference & Exhibit Show – Keynote

8:45-9:45 am – Keynote Session:

// “Empowered Fitness: Raising The Bar, Even When It’s Difficult” //

Presented By Our Wonderful Friend: Tara Wiskow                

Are you feeling uncertain in your ability to be a leader in the fitness industry? Do you question if you are the right person for the job of transforming lives of others through health, wellness & weight loss?

Join us for Tara’s 10-Steps that will guide you in authentically stepping into being who you truly are at your inner core.





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