New Partners

Big News at NIHCA

NIHCA is very proud to announce not one but TWO new insurance groups as of 1/1/19. Avera Health and Bind will be rolling out to eligible groups starting in January of 2019.


Avera Health is a medical group that has developed an employee/spouse program that will reimbursed $20 per month per member if they workout 8 (eight) times per month.Avera Health


Bind is a Third Party Administrator that will be rolling out to eligible Medtronic employees in MN, CO and FL; Medtronic employees and spouses that choose Bind, will be reimbursed $20 per month per member if they workout 12 (twelve) times per month.Bind

Again, both programs will begin 1/1/19.  Avera and Bind members will be allowed to enroll in NIHCArewards in November sometime.  Stay tuned for more details.  Call NIHCA so that we can get your facility turned on for the Avera and/or Bind programs in NIHCArewards.
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