September 2022 Spotlight Winner

September 27, 2022

Have you seen our Newsletter section, “Can’t Make This Up”? Every now and again we hear a great story from one of our NIHCA Clubs about the antics happening with their members. We ask our clubs to be creative with our themes and you did not disappoint this month. The entries this month included stories that were creative, inspiring and we could not have made them up.


Congratulations to Maslowski Wellness and Research Center in

Wadena, MN

MWRC sent us the story of their Grand Opening Gala in 2014 and the antics of those attending and some who overstayed their welcome:

“Later that night (IN FACT..Early the next morning) after our staff had eaten what they liked of the pizza and snacks and placed them in the fridge in our Executive meeting room, I found a family that had decided to take it upon themselves to not only eat the leftovers, but to also stay the night in the meeting room!  They were KINDLY asked to leave the facility.  Never have seen them again!  You just never know what you might see at your center!!!!”

The contest ended but we still love to hear your stories, you can email them to and then watch our monthly Newsletter to see if your story is featured.

What would you do with a $100 check from NIHCA? Get your entries in now for our November 2022 Spotlight Contest!


Updated September 26, 2022

Programming is the heartbeat for many fitness facilities. New programming should be implemented to keep members engaged and to bring new members into your doors. If your programming is going stale and not bringing in members, now is the time to revisit, revamp, and reenergize. We are here to help.

Programming includes everything between classes offered for 6 weeks to an annual fun run you open up to the community. You can focus programming on young adults, seniors, kids, or focus on equipment in your facility. Sometimes we can get stuck on how we define “programming”. We are here to help get your own creative ideas pumping with a jump start.

Last year we created a 50+ point list of New and Unique Programming Ideas. Our list has now increased to over 70 ideas! Did you get your hands on the list last year? Have you implemented new programming in 2022? This is one of your NIHCA benefits that should be utilized on a regular basis to keep things fresh.

NIHCA members, give us a call and we will rush to get this benefit to your inbox so that you can start implementing fresh ideas at your facility. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a NIHCA member, please give us a call, we would love the opportunity to talk with you today, (320) 722-0084!

October 25, 2021

NIHCA Knows how important programming is to your revenue. New and unique programming can keep your members engaged but it is also an amazing opportunity to bring in new members, to connect with your community, and to increase revenue.  In 2020, our fitness family was hit with an immediate need to find programming that would work with new restrictions. Many facilities came through and found great ways to stay connected with their members when the facility was closed. We want to see you succeed with programming that works in the long run and that is sustainable.

One of the many benefits of a NIHCA membership now includes access to a 50+ point list of New and Unique Programming Ideas. The list includes programming for all four seasons and both indoor and outdoor activities.

If you are a NIHCA member and would like to get a copy of this list, give us a call at (320) 722-0084. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a NIHCA member, please click here for more information and give us a call, we would love the opportunity to talk with you today!

NIHCA’s October 2022 Webinar

Energy Sells!

7 Powershots to Charge Up Your Influence and Impact

Presented by: Kristen Brown

Wednesday October 12th, 2022

10:00 AM  – 11:00 AM (Central Time)

When it comes to selling success, YOU are a total health industry rockstar who has navigated so much as the new realities of work and life have created massive change and challenge.

But guess what…if you don’t stay charged up and passionately commit to making success happen even amidst all the change it WILL mess with your club sales, kill your influence and impact with your employees, and tank your bottom line.

During this session you will assess and activate your seven Sales Success Energy Centers so you can engage more powerfully with the tasks and people you work with every day. Then you will learn fast action steps to uplevel your energy when you need it most, step into your full potential as a sales rockstar, and have a ton of fun in the process.

Learning Objectives:

  • ASSESS your seven Sales Success Energy Centers to better understand your influence and impact.
  • LEARN how to activate your Sales Success Energy Centers to improve sales relationships and drive the bottom line.
  • TAKE ACTION on your Sales Energy Centers right then and there during the session and leave with Powershots that keep the momentum going when you get back to work.

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November 2022 Spotlight Contest

$100 November Spotlight Contest:

The NIHCA Spotlight offers a chance to win $100 for your club and an opportunity to cast some “Spotlight” on your amazing facility, your awesome staff and your dedicated members!

November is the National Gratitude Month. We are asking you, what are you Grateful for this month? We encourage creativity with the theme; you could be grateful for a special group of members, a class that is always full with positive attitudes, new equipment, or your attentive custodians.

Share with us what you are most grateful for, and you could win a $100 check from NIHCA.

$100 will be awarded to the NIHCA club with the best response. Send in your video and/or pictures along with your story to:

We will announce the winner in the upcoming newsletter, blog, Facebook and Instagram, while promoting your amazing facility! All entries must be received by November 15th to be considered!

If you have questions, please contact or call NIHCA at 320.722.0084 and ask for Erica.

Please note that all pictures, videos, and promotional material may be used on our website, blog, and in our newsletters as it pertains to the Spotlight Challenge.

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