March 2022 Spotlight Contest

$100 March Spotlight Contest:

The NIHCA Spotlight offers a chance to win $100 for your club and an opportunity to cast some “Spotlight” on your amazing facility, your awesome staff and your dedicated members!

     Change is important for growth.

We want to see and celebrate what changes you have made within the last 6 months;

give us a tour of your facility and highlight what’s changed.

~”I know change can be painful. But from change comes growth.” – Jon Stewart

$100 will be awarded to the NIHCA club with the best response. Send in your video and/or pictures along with your story to:

We will announce the winner in the upcoming newsletter, blog, Facebook and Instagram, while promoting your amazing facility! All entries must be received by March 15th  to be considered!

If you have questions, please contact or call NIHCA at 320.722.0084 and ask for Erica.

Please note that all pictures, videos, and promotional material may be used on our website, blog, and in our newsletters as it pertains to the Spotlight Challenge.

January is here! Now what?

In the fitness industry, we often think of January as being a month of motivation and restarts. Many new faces are starting off the year with routines and ambition. There is something known as the January Blues and it is very real. Often our lives are busy from Thanksgiving through the New Year. We are decorating, un-decorating, filling our schedule with activities, dinners, brunches, etc. Once we flip the calendar there can be a big letdown we aren’t prepared for as our schedules start to lighten up, we are un-decorating, and we may find ourselves alone for the first time in weeks.

We found this great post on This Space posted earlier this month. Take a few minutes to look it over and find ways to help yourself or a friend before those blues take over.

NIHCA’s February 2022 Webinar

“Sales Models – How to Maximize Yours”

by Karen Woodard Chavez

Thursday, February 10, 2022 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (CST)
FREE for NIHCA Members
There are multiple models for selling memberships in this industry. Which one you utilize depends on your personal beliefs, your budget and your knowledge of the sales process.
In this 60-minute session webinar hosted by NIHCA with Karen Woodard on February 10 at 11am, we will review several models, what makes them effective or ineffective and go through a checklist to breathe new life into yours so you can make more sales for 2022 and beyond. This will be a presentation of content as well as time for questions. Bring your questions on how to maximize your sales system.

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NIHCA’s November 2021 Webinar

“Your Success Plan for 2022”

by Karen Woodard Chavez

Wed, Nov 17, 2021 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (CST)

NIHCA presents this 60-minute webinar lead by Karen Woodard Chavez of Premium Performance Training on Wednesday, November 17th at 1p cst that will create a framework for your success in 2022. Based on the events of the past 18 months, strategic planning has become a bit of a guessing game rather than a predictable planning process. For those of you who have the success planning process down, this will be a good session to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. For those of you who have not mastered the planning process, this will be a terrific session for you to gain the necessary tools to plan and obtain your success in 2022.

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October 2021 $100 Spotlight Winner

October 28th, 2021

This month we turned the tables from looking at what you are doing for your members to celebrating your boss. National Boss Day happened to land on October 15th, our Spotlight deadline. At NIHCA we love celebrating our boss because we have a good, superior, great boss.

As William Arthur Ward says, “The mediocre boss tells. The good boss explains. The superior boss demonstrates. The great boss inspires”.

We asked you to send us your video celebrating your boss, telling us how great your boss is and why.

Jenny from LeSueur Community Center sent us a heartfelt video telling us only great things about her boss, Allison. Allison has created an environment that allows them to be a team, work as a team, and to celebrate their accomplishments. Jenny said, “It’s awesome to have a boss who is on the same page as you and makes you feel like you are a value to the team”.


Congratulations, LeSueur Community Center! 

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