Locker Rooms/Showers for Gyms in Minnesota

January 14, 2021

We may have all heard the term “social distancing” enough to last us a lifetime but that doesn’t mean our facilities should loosen up on guidelines offered by your government, local health departments or the CDC. One of the big questions we have heard is, “How are you managing the social distancing in your locker rooms and with your showers?”  We recommend you ALWAYS check with your local government pages as to the current mandates and recommendations.

If you are in need of some creative solution when your locker rooms and showers are not able to be open, these are what some facilities are doing:

  • Set up temporary changing stations on the pool deck to allow safe space for their members.
  • Encourage the member(s) shower on pool deck to rinse off, before and after using the pool.
  • Recommend to your patrons to shower at home before and/or after when possible.
  • If you have your locker rooms and showers open, please consider increasing the sanitizing and disinfecting procedures throughout the day.

We have found that facilities are posting rule reminders throughout their buildings as well as within locker rooms and they are not finding any issues arise with members violating the social distancing “rules”.

Do you have creative solutions at your facility if your locker rooms or showers have not been able to open? Email us at with your solutions or a future question you would like addressed.


January Webinar – “Key Priorities for a Successful 2021”

NIHCA Webinar…
Tuesday January 12, 2021
11am-12 noon CST

Presented by:
Karen Woodard-Chavez

Gooood bye 2020 and Hellloooooooo 2021! We are ready for a better year all the way around. Regarding your fitness business growth or perhaps survival, there are some key priorities that you must have lined up with your plan in place.

These include:
– How will you increase consumer confidence to return to your club?
– How will you grow your dues draft?
– How will you grow your Non-Dues Revenue?

This 60 minute FREE webinar, sponsored by NIHCA and presented by Karen Woodard, will help you to create a plan to achieve these imperatives for your fitness business to remain open and be able to grow in 2021.

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December Webinar – “How to Create a Virtual Platform”

NIHCA Webinar: 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020 
10-11am CST

Presented by: Heather Godfrey
Thanks to our Sponsor: ISAGENIX



The fitness industry is having to evolve with this ever-changing world we live in.

Learn step by step, how to create a LIVE virtual fitness platform to provide additional value and/or additional revenue for your club.
There will be examples of class schedules, marketing pieces and what to charge. We will also cover which platform will work best with your facility, Zoom or Facebook Live and how to be compliant with the Fitness Incentive Program requirements.
Heather Godfrey will walk you through the simple process on how you can launch this immediately in 2021.


Hello from Beautiful Granite Falls, MN!

Granite Falls, MN really is a beautiful town right on the Minnesota River.  Earlier this summer we were lucky enough to have a gorgeous day when our Board came to town.  We took them for a walk over the 1935 Suspension Bridge and had our meeting at a local hot spot, Bluenose Gopher Public House.

We are thankful for amazing Board Members!

Below: Bob Grems, Heather Godfrey, John Small and Ryan Yunkers

#loveourNIHCABoard #GFSuspensionBridge #ILOVEGF #GraniteFallsMN #NIHCArocks

July Webinar – Inviting Difficult Conversations in a Time of Chaos

July Webinar (FREE):

Inviting Difficult Conversations in a Time of Chaos

by: Karen Woodard-Chavez

Sponsored by: ShapeNet



As facility managers and leaders, it is important that we become comfortable with and good at inviting difficult conversation with our co-workers, members, guests and loved ones. The obvious benefit to doing so is getting accurate information, building more functional relationships, working through issues more proficiently and creating authentic connection by building trust. This session will provide a framework as well as verbiage for you to invite and effectively deal with difficult conversations with members and “untruthful” staff/colleagues.

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