Happy Thanksgiving!


This year Thanksgiving looks a little different for all of us, we can’t deny that. However, we can make this one of our greatest Thanksgivings. We have much to be thankful for and we choose to take this time to celebrate those thanksgivings.

We here at NIHCA are thankful for our amazing staff who continue to strive to offer you great customer experiences. We are thankful for you and your dedication to your members. We are thankful for your members who trust in you and the extra steps you take every day to protect them.

We may not be breaking bread together this year but we celebrate the thanksgivings in our lives. We hope all of you will take a few minutes to reflect on your own thanksgivings and share them with us. We truly mean that…send them to Erica at rewards@nihca.org to fill our Thankful Tree.


Our office will be closed November 26th and 27th.
We will be open again on Monday, November 30th.

Veteran’s Day 2020

Why do we recognize this day? Just a short little lesson…This day had been known as Armistice Day since 1919, a year to the day after the fighting ceased seven months before the treaty was signed ending World War I in June 1919. The Unites States Congress did not officially recognize the day until 1926. In May of 1938 the day became a legal holiday to dedicate to world peace. However, in 1954 Congress replaced the term “Armistice” with “veterans” at the encouragement of veterans’ organizations after World War II.

NIHCA is honored to take a moment to celebrate all American Veterans for their service. To our members who are Veterans, Thank You. To your members who are Veterans, Thank You.

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