FREE Webinar ~ Jan 26th @ 11amCST

What do you need help with at your club for 2021?

This webinar will be an open forum, a live Zoom call, for all NIHCA clubs that need help or want some answers to their questions, as they crawl out of the covid chaos. It’s new year and now more than ever, we need help to get our members to come back. How do we do that? What else is being challenging within your facilities that you need help with?

Karen Woodard is going to be live for 60 minutes, taking all of your questions, while we network with the entire all the webinar participants on creating Key Priorities for 2021!

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January Webinar – “Key Priorities for a Successful 2021”

NIHCA Webinar…
Tuesday January 12, 2021
11am-12 noon CST

Presented by:
Karen Woodard-Chavez

Gooood bye 2020 and Hellloooooooo 2021! We are ready for a better year all the way around. Regarding your fitness business growth or perhaps survival, there are some key priorities that you must have lined up with your plan in place.

These include:
– How will you increase consumer confidence to return to your club?
– How will you grow your dues draft?
– How will you grow your Non-Dues Revenue?

This 60 minute FREE webinar, sponsored by NIHCA and presented by Karen Woodard, will help you to create a plan to achieve these imperatives for your fitness business to remain open and be able to grow in 2021.

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December Webinar – “How to Create a Virtual Platform”

NIHCA Webinar: 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020 
10-11am CST

Presented by: Heather Godfrey
Thanks to our Sponsor: ISAGENIX



The fitness industry is having to evolve with this ever-changing world we live in.

Learn step by step, how to create a LIVE virtual fitness platform to provide additional value and/or additional revenue for your club.
There will be examples of class schedules, marketing pieces and what to charge. We will also cover which platform will work best with your facility, Zoom or Facebook Live and how to be compliant with the Fitness Incentive Program requirements.
Heather Godfrey will walk you through the simple process on how you can launch this immediately in 2021.


October Webinar – Building Resilient Leadership

NIHCA Webinar:
Thursday, October 22, 2020
11am-12pm CST

Presented by: Karen Woodard-Chavez

Thanks to our sponsor: ShapeNet

Psychological resilience is the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or to return to
pre-crisis status quickly. Resilience exists when a person uses mental processes and behaviors in protecting self from the potential negative effects of stressors.

Is now a time to work on our resilience or what?
In this 60 minute webinar we will focus on:
– Not just bouncing back from setbacks but bouncing forward
– Why resilience is important
– The 5 Pillars of resilience
– Traits of resilience
– Resilience is a very conscious practice — How you develop resilience
– Activities that you can do on your own and with your staff to increase your resilience.

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September Webinar – Staff Stress Busting to Impact Performance During Covid?

Thursday, September 24, 2020

11-12pm CST

Webinar Presented by: Karen Woodard-Chavez

Thanks to our sponsor

As each and every one of us under 85 years of age can attest to, we are living through an unprecedented time economically, politically, culturally, generationally and educationally…all stemming from how we are handling our world-wide health pandemic. We have no experience with this and are in a time of constant change, conflicting information leading us to lack confidence in whom and what we believe, all of which creates constant uncertainty.
This webinar will focus on what we can do to minimize anxiety, stress and depression for ourselves, our loved ones and for our staff. Tools you will walk away with include helpful reminders for successful conversations, truly understanding what staff and loved ones need from you, the difference between complaining and contributions and how to train staff (and loved ones) to contribute vs. complain, the 7 Cs of communication, how to better utilize humor in the workplace and the practicality of communicating with a masked face.
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