/// NIHCA Free Webinar Series ///

~ Greg Lappin,
Speaker Extraordinaire

Greg Lappin is 58 years old, married and has 4 children. Greg has received IHRSA’s Distinguished Service Award, and several NOVA 7 Awards (the Oscars for the fitness industry). He wrote the book, Tennis Doubles, Winning Strategies for all Levels and penned several educational articles for PTR’s magazine TennisPro. A volunteer for the USTA at the national level for more than 15 years, Lappin has served on many committees and chaired the Learning and Leadership Committee. He has received his Bachelor’s Degree in School and Community Health Education from the University of Minnesota and played varsity tennis while there.


“Secrets for Maximum Employee Productivity and Engagement”

Staff is the largest expense and a big contributing factor to the success or demise of a facility. Learn a thorough system for employee orientation; initial training; ongoing training. Learn why most employees are not productive or engaged and how to remedy that. Customer loyalty is a logical extension of training. Learn the only thing that matters is to create member loyalty. Learn what that is and a system to implement it. Learn that the first step in a great training program is not training!

 /// Thursday, October 24th ~ 10:00-11:00am CST ///




“The 3 C’s – Culture; Connectedness; Customer Service
are the Foundation for a Successful Club”

Management guru, Tom Peters, said, “Culture will eat strategy for breakfast every day.” Learn why the three C’s – more than anything else – will determine your member and employee retention and your financial success.
Learn systems that can be implemented to produce amazing results!

/// Tuesday, December 10th ~ 10:00-11:00am CST ///




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