Create the “Experience” of Great Customer Service


Whether a potential customer is at your facility for their first visit or they are returning as your current member. It is “your” customer’s perception of your gym and staff that will leave a lasting impression. Below are some steps to think about to create the best staff you can be proud of.

TIP: Employees who feel valued are more likely to report better physical and mental health, higher levels of engagement, satisfaction and motivation compared to those who do not feel valued by their employers.”
Acknowledgement by: American Psychological Association

What skills do you look for when you hire staff members?
1. Promptness
2. Eagerness to learn
3. Patient – we need patience with co-workers and customers
4. Good listener
5. Positive attitude
6. Attentiveness
7. Good Acting skills
8. Time management
9. Calming and persuasive
10. Professional
11. Polite and courteous

Employee Engagement Activities/Ideas

  • Encourage and provide learning opportunities – You have to leave to learn! This is 1 of the top 3 reasons why employees quit companies: lack of learning opportunities
  • Celebrate personal wins – if someone hits their monthly goal, announce it during weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meeting and celebrate with treats or lunch/good coffee on company.
  • Work-Life Balance – provide flexibility schedules like allowing employee to work early to leave for kids activities or a hobby they enjoy. 82% of employees say they would be more loyal to their employers if they had flexible work options. (Flexjobs)
  • Positive and Energetic workplace – encourage/challenge employees to say 1 nice thing a day to a co-worker OR High-five for no reason.
    Special Occasions/Birthdays – if it’s their birthday go out of the way to make them feel special
  • Give Employees responsibility/challenges – If you have a new class or program, ask them to come up with how to promote it. 83% of employees with opportunities to take on new challenges say they’re more likely to stay with the organization. (ReportLinker)

7 Important Ways to Deliver the Experience


• Make your customers “feel” important
• Truly “Appreciate” them
• Be “Kind” & “Considerate
• Be sure to give the best “Quality” vs “Quantity” to your members
• Truly “Listen” to your customers feedback and constructive criticism – You might learn something

We need to make sure every single person working in your business knows and understands one critical thing:  You ARE the Experience; THEY are the Experience!

“Those who understand that human touch is an indispensable part and the most important part of a great CUSTOMER EXERIENCE will make the difference. It’s really about human connection – whether it is face to face, ear to ear or click to click.”
– John DiJulius

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.”
– Marie Forleo

NIHCA thanks you for your support and for letting us be your friend in the fitness industry!

by: Courtney @ NIHCA



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