Happy Halloween

Halloween Sugar Rush or Fear Induced Trauma

We were all kids at one point. How many of us have memories of Halloween? Do you remember the sugar rush you had by the time you got done walking through your neighborhood asking for a little treat? What about the house that you either avoided all together or rushed to every year just in hopes of being scared again? As adults how do you see Halloween?

There is a great project that was started by the Food Allergy Community of East Tennessee (FACET).  I learned about this project a few years ago by chance. I restrict the sugar/candy in our house for my wellbeing and it led to my kids being restricted as well.  Every year my kids came home from the traditional trick or treating with a bucket full of candy and by Easter I was throwing out candy that never got devoured.  I was looking for a solution and came across the Teal Pumpkin Project. If you haven’t heard about it please look into it here, www.foodallergy.org.  I love this project not just for the food allergy aspect but for the unique ways we come up with to celebrate this fun season without food.

Tell us, do you hand out candy or what is your unique way of participating in making it a fun and healthy celebration?

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