Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We wanted to start the shenanigans but instead we just got dressed up and enjoyed a little run.

A couple of us recognized the day a little early with a Shamrock Shuffle 5k. Once again the Marshall YMCA hosted a wonderful 5k fun run for the area. It was a gorgeous morning for a winter run. The temps were above freezing and although the sun was hiding it didn’t feel too bad since the winds stayed low until after we crossed the finish line.

There were probably 150 people that came out for the fun run. The volunteers along the route greeted us with a smile at every turn. We love getting out there and meeting others who are making the step towards a healthier lifestyle and doing it with a smile, a “great job”, a “you’ve got this”, and a cowbell or encouraging applause.
Do you host a fun run in your area? What is your favorite fun run theme?

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