Holiday Shopping

Do the words, “holiday shopping” make you Grinch up or do you get excited about the prospect of finding a perfect gift? When you get thrown into a gift drawing do you worry someone will buy you a box of chocolates or some house slippers you don’t want?

Here are our top 5 suggestions for gifts for the person you don’t quite know well enough to shop for….
• Running socks – they aren’t just for running
• Workout towel – these are always handy in your car
• Water bottle – we all have a bunch but a new fun water bottle may be just enough to enjoy getting those ounces of water in after the new year
• Multi-source chargers – we can all use an extra boost of energy
• Lunch box – encourage your friends to pack a lunch with a cool new lunch box/bag

Don’t forget to shop for your club as well. Our Preferred Vendors have great resources available for you! Check them out by clicking HERE!

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