Guidelines for Live Virtual Classes

Virtual, live workouts will be allowed, starting 11/1/2020.

Starting 11/1/2020, the virtual fitness classes that are specified below, are required to be a club-offered program and/or class, paid for by the member OR included with the paid membership.*

What kind of on-line fitness class is eligible?

A: 1) Any live instructor-led class OR Zoom class 2) Any virtual online class where the instructor is live, takes attendance and can see the participants working out.  The participants will be required to have the camera on throughout the entire class.

The club has to show accountability for member attendance…how will they do this?

A: The instructor must take attendance at the beginning and at the end of class. The instructor will be responsible for reporting these live workouts to the club manager, so they are accounted for correctly.

What will the club be required to provide for approval?

A: The insurance/employer partners are accepting live virtual-Instructor led classes or Zoom classes, where the instructor can see the participants working out.  It will be the responsibility of the instructor/club to take honest attendance and add the virtual workout to any in-club workout for the month.  NIHCA will need to gain access to a live class, if requested by the insurance/employer partner for validation.

What virtual classes are not eligible for the fitness reimbursement programs?

A:  An online App (I.E. Facebook or other), or any pre-recorded class in which there is not a live instructor and attendance is not taken by the instructor for validation, nor is it the member’s club-offered program. Participants must participate in a club-offered program where the instructor can see the participants working out.

*Guidelines are subject to change, when and if an insurance/employer partner has exceptions or changes.