Benefits to the Insurance or Employer Group

Become an insurance or employer group partner.

Benefits of working with NIHCA:

  • As a non-profit management company we want the best results and have the best interest of your fitness incentive program so that you are able to achieve success on all levels.
  • A unique partnership that allows insurance providers and employer groups to focus more on health management and programs for members, while NIHCA serves as a “clearing house”, representing independent health clubs.
  • 9 MILLION dollars worth of rewards paid out to the exercising member, to date
  • NIHCA, in collaboration with our processors, provides one tracking report of member usage for multiple clubs, vs. each club reporting individually.
  • NIHCA serves as your club’s go-to association for customer service/eligibility questions.
  • NIHCA promotes and serves as an ambassador of the insurance providers and employer groups programs.
  • NIHCA has access to 11,000 health & fitness clubs in the country.
  • Representation at national networking conferences
  • Receive assistance with maintenance and set-up of your fitness incentive program
  • NIHCA manages the club’s data submissions
  • NIHCA provides support and customer service to you, and fitness centers within the network, and those members enrolled into your fitness incentive program.
  • Receive recognition and promotion on
  • Receive marketing materials
  • Increase sales and retention
  • NIHCA hosts onsite visits and reviews of your fitness incentive program

The NIHCA Advantage:

  • Increase member interest & employee moral
  • An incentive to stay physically active & healthy
  • Customer service support
  • Problem resolution and follow-ups
  • Decreased sick claims = Preventative Medicine

In an amazing time of transformation in the health care field, NIHCA realizes that many insurance providers and individual employer groups alike want to do one thing – motivate and reward their members as it relates to health and wellness. Let NIHCA help your company create an incentive program for you members so that both the employee and employer can reap the benefits of a better, more productive quality of life. NIHCA can make and mold a fitness incentive program for you so that your members can receive a reward for working out at a local fitness facility. From implementation to managing the program at the fitness club level, NIHCA becomes your clearinghouse for the ongoing maintenance of a successful fitness rewards program. It becomes a win/win for the group, for the member and for the fitness facilities.

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