Keeping Your Members Engaged Through The Summer

July 7th, 2021


It is a well-known statistic in the fitness industry that July is one of the slowest months for members in the gym. It’s nice outside and we all want to be out. Summer is also a busy time for traveling out of town for a week or two on vacation. What are you doing to keep your members engaged this summer? We have some ideas for you and would love to hear what is working for your facility.




  1. Offer new summer classes. If you already have classes scheduled through the year, maybe now is a great time to offer a new class to peak some interest. Offer a group fitness class, a themed swimming class such as a sensational swim class at dawn, or a couples yoga class.
  2. Take a slice out of summer with a six week challenge. Set up a challenge for your members such as weight loss or workouts. Maybe make it a specific challenge like total pool laps or most burpees.
  3. Contests are great motivators for members. Set a goal for check-ins. All members with 15 or more check-ins might be in a drawing for the end of the month. Or offer the member with the most check-ins in July gets a free club t-shirt.
  4. Reach out to your members with a personal phone call. If you have not received a “reactivation campaign” from NIHCA, call us right away!

Engaging with your members is how you keep your members and grow your memberships.

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