Looking Ahead

May 4th, 2022

We have flipped the calendar again and even though the weather appears to be on its own schedule here in Minnesota, Spring is here which means Summer programming is already on your books! Now what? You have brought in your New Year members and have switched up your summer programming to keep those members enrolled and active. Now you are looking into your Fall calendars and preparing for those long winter months. That’s right, program planning never ends.

We must always be evolving to keep moving forward. That rings just as true for businesses as it does individuals. If we aren’t evolving we can get stuck and not even notice until too late. NIHCA helps you from getting stuck by offering an Annual Conference and Exhibit Expo, the next one is just a week away! Are you joining us? NIHCA also brings you free webinars throughout the year. The webinars have an array of topics and presenters. Our next webinar is brought to you by our very own, Tanna, she will be sharing our Systematic Approach with you. This will be a great webinar giving you the tools and ideas to reach out to your community and businesses to bring more members in your doors!


We can’t stop the days from passing so quickly but we can prepare for the days ahead by continuing to monitor the world around us, learning as we go, and utilizing the benefits that are there for us. NIHCA will always remind you to #Leave2Learn, sometimes that means getting in the car for a conference or networking meeting and sometimes that means shutting your door and tuning into a one hour webinar.



~”Change and growth is so painful. But it’s so necessary for us to evolve.” Sarah McLachlan

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