Meet our staff – Let me introduce you to Erica


My name is Erica; you may hear me say y’all and uffda in the same sentence.
I have been a proud member of the NIHCA staff since the fall of 2018. I am fairly new to the Minnesota area but I already love having four seasons.
My husband’s career in the Air Force gave us the opportunity to see some states we would have never experienced otherwise. We enjoyed the outdoors in Alaska, the BBQ in Texas and tried to love the beaches of Florida.
I wanted to be a part of NIHCA as soon as I learned what NIHCA does for members at fitness facilities and the opportunities NIHCA offers to facilities around the country. To know that NIHCA is a non-profit and truly working towards a healthier society is what drew me to become a working mom after 12 years as a homemaker. I am lucky enough to see many of you on social media as I navigate the ins and outs of posts and stories on Instagram and Facebook.

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Facebook (Direct Link)Instagram