2022 Event Calendar






October Webinar

Energy Sells!!

REGISTER NOW! Wed, Oct 12th, 2022 10-11am CST
Fall Networking Workshop

at the Rochester Athletic Center

Tour - Roundtable - Lunch - and More!

Email to Register Wed, Oct 26th, 2022 10am-2pm CST
 November 2022 $100 Spotlight Challenge

November is the National Gratitude Month. We are asking you, what are you Grateful for this month? We encourage creativity with the theme; you could be grateful for a special group of members, a class that is always full with positive attitudes, new equipment, or your attentive custodians.

Share with us what you are most grateful for, and you could win a $100 check from NIHCA.

Email to: rewards@nihca.org    November 15th, 2022   5:00 pm CST

September 2022 Spotlight Winner

September 27, 2022 Have you seen our Newsletter section, “Can’t Make This Up”? Every now and again we hear a…


Updated September 26, 2022 Programming is the heartbeat for many fitness facilities. New programming should be implemented to keep members…

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