Webinar Testimonial:       “Just wanted to thank you for the valuable information on the NIHCA Ways to Promote Webinar.  You did a great job!  I am definitely one of those who need to revisit and re-promote these incentive programs to the local employers.   Once again, Thank you so much!  Joining NIHCA is one of the best business moves I’ve made:-)”– Julie Meister, PMI Total Fitness Owner 

 ~December Webinar~

Join us for our NIHCA “exclusive” webinar
Thursday, December 13, 2018
11:00am-12:00pm (CST)

“This Year is Going to Be Different – Part ll”
Presented by: Robert MacPhee


Following up on last month’s webinar about how, when it comes to health and fitness, our members’ current thoughts, beliefs and habits will most often determine their future results.
In December we will look more at the specifics of why that happens, we will explore specific ways to implement a strategy that focuses more on the mental side of health and fitness, and we will share specific examples of the power of experiential education, going beyond just sharing information and ideas. December’s webinar will also include more exercises and activities you can share with your staff and members to get this important message across.

You will learn:
– more about why members fail even when they know the value of exercise and better nutrition
– the difference between goals and commitments
– specific exercises and activities you can share with your staff and members
– implementation strategies that address the member’s mind-set


“Independently Healthy ~ Collectively Strong”


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