Mother’s Day

May 5th, 2021

Where would we be without our Mother? Probably not here reading this blog.

Mother’s Day is just a hop and skip away, have you thought ahead or are you scrambling to put something together? Here is a hint; your mom doesn’t just want quiet time. We put together a short list of ideas to help you out this year.

  • A gym membership (could there be anything better?!!)
  • Personal trainer lessons
  • Activity tracker
  • A fun new water bottle
  • Go on a walk/hike with her and pick a wildflower bouquet
  • Prepare a fresh fruit snack and clean up the kitchen
  • Be present

Time passes faster with each passing year. Mother’s Day is a great time to take a breath and remember to pause and be thankful for where you are today.

You are here. You matter to someone. You have the opportunity to make a difference.

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