National Physical Fitness Month

May 12, 2021

Did you know that there is a National Physical Fitness Month? There is, and we are in it now! May has been the National Physical Fitness month for almost 40 years!! Wow, that’s longer than some of you have been around.

What does this mean for you? It is a perfect month to promote and have fun. Physical Fitness entails so much more than physical health. Here are a few reminders of what physical fitness can do for you, your members, and your community

  • Increase fun
    • Get out and play a game of catch with a child or a neighbor
    • Put together a dodge ball or pickleball tournament at your club
  • Create everlasting friendships
    • Invite a friend to workout with you, buy them a day pass at your club
    • Schedule a daily or weekly walk with a friend to visit over movement instead of pastries
  • Improve mental health
    • Study after study has shown that physical fitness is the least utilized drug for improved mental health
    • Fresh air and sunshine improve mental health

Dust off those shoes, kick up your heels, get out, get active, and have FUN.

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