NIHCA Conference & Exhibit Expo

September 2nd, 2021

One of our NIHCA goals is to be your partner and friend in the fitness industry and our Conference and Exhibit Expo is a great example of just that. NIHCA has been bringing together our Club Members for the last 16 years. Over the years we have brought you keynote speakers from comedians to fitness gurus. This year is no exception to the long list of motivational keynote speakers, Dave Sanderson.

Dave Sanderson is an Inspirational TEDx Speaker & Author who channeled his life-changing experience on US Airways Flight 1549, the Miracle on the Hudson, into a mission to provide insight on the important facets of faith, conviction and leadership; attributes that he credits with saving his life, and those of fellow passengers as the last passenger to leave the plane.


NIHCA attendees have had this to say:

~Conference is always a great time to connect with other Fitness Clubs and to see the NIHCA crew; to put a name to a face

~Amazing to hear from someone who couldn’t find their selves & has had ‘why-moments’ & overcame the hardest moments in her life.  Plus now can help others

~ Lots of information to think about and apply to our facility

~ I really enjoyed this conference! Much focus on recharging, which was needed!!

~ I took a lot of notes so when I wake up, I can read over them and start my day with motivation & inspiration

Don’t delay; get registered today for our 2021 Fitness Conference & Exhibit Expo on September 22nd.

#Leave2Learn and join us the evening before at the Nordic Brewing Company for a networking opportunity with appetizers, bean bags and more.

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