Important notes as it pertains to Fitness Reimbursement Programs during the COVID-19 time period …

Exercise/Workout Counts: Most of our insurance companies and our employer groups are not changing the structure or workout threshold for the Fitness Reimbursement programs, however some groups may make an exception internally. So please submit your member’s workout counts as you normally do. IF an insurance group does make an exception to less workouts, you will be able to see this on your Resubmission History Report.

Alternative Workout options: No alternative workouts can be counted nor added in NIHCArewards, if the member isn’t being charged during the shutdown. At this time, the insurance companies and our employer groups have not agreed on allowing an alternative workout option / “out of facility” exercises to be allowed. The alternative options that some clubs may offer their members are great, however the options vary a lot and become very questionable as far as trackability and provability. This is why the programs were designed to take place inside the walls of the facilities and our partners have not allowed a change in that historic structure. Moreover, if the member is not being charged during the shutdown, then no workouts can be counted if the member is not actually paying anything at all. Again, most insurance companies/employer groups are not allowing you to count your alternative workout option for your members.

Deadline to Submit: If you are able to submit March workouts by April 8th at midnight, please do so. However if you can’t or do not have access to records, you may resubmit the following month. That’s the beauty of the reimbursement programs – if you miss a month or cannot submit, you can always resubmit the following month.

NIHCA realizes this is a very challenging time for everyone. Please inquire if you have additional questions; NIHCA has limited staff during this time, but we will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as we can. Please be well – be healthy – and know we will get through this together.

Holly Johnson, Executive Director of NIHCA
National Independent Health Club Association

as of 3/30/2020

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