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Are you looking for fitness club Entertainment Services?
Consider our Preferred Vendor to receive a
“NIHCA discount” with a savings typically of 15-20%


Bulk TV & Internet is a leading provider of television and Internet services designed to meet the unique needs of health clubs and fitness centers. Bulk TV provides DIRECTV service at significantly discounted rates for NIHCA members. If your cable bill has increased, or you are now required to have a box at each TV outlet, Bulk TV has the solution.

Contact: Tom Steinmiller, DIRECTV Public Viewing Manager – 919-790-5151



Monitor Productions Inc.

We provide an
in – house informational monitor system for community and fitness organizations. Our services include FREE TV’s and equipment and a professional show with colorful and vibrant graphics. The results are increased member participation and revenues for the organization and increased customer traffic for the business. Our company is expanding by reaching out to more facilities that would profit from the services we offer.

We are currently providing these services all over the Midwest for YMCA’s, park districts and community centers. Additionally our system is running in facilities such as fitness centers, golf courses, libraries and senior centers. Our program is designed to benefit both the organization and the business community. The organization uses the TV system as a promotional tool to advertise events and activities to their patrons. The businesses are offered an opportunity to purchase ad space on the system. For more information about how to promote your programs, activities & events all hours of operation; give us a call or email us – we look forward to hearing from you!

Contact: Monitor Productions

Phone: 888-208-6027

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Facebook (Direct Link)Instagram