NIHCA Staff Members @ WalkMS

Two of our staff members decided to do a little fundraising and take a Walk for a great cause. Courtney and Erica didn’t knock on doors or harass everyone at work for donations. What they did was just put it out there and amazing kind hearted people donated to a great cause. Courtney and Erica got their families involved and they made a day of it. They had a beautiful Saturday morning at the Spring Lake Park in North Mankato, MN. Their group took 3 laps around the lake and really enjoyed the spring air.

WalkMS has touched some of us personally and we are proud to have our staff involved. WalkMS is a charity walk to bring attention to Multiple Sclerosis and fundraiser for the National MS Society. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease in which the immune system mistakenly attacks myelin in the central nervous system. The cause of MS is unknown. You might be surprised to learn that you know someone with MS. It is one of many unseen diseases. Click here for more information on Walk MS.

We encourage you to get out and run or walk for a cause, get involved in your community, and get to know your neighbors. It’s always a beautiful day to share a smile with someone.

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