October 2021 $100 Spotlight Winner

October 28th, 2021

This month we turned the tables from looking at what you are doing for your members to celebrating your boss. National Boss Day happened to land on October 15th, our Spotlight deadline. At NIHCA we love celebrating our boss because we have a good, superior, great boss.

As William Arthur Ward says, “The mediocre boss tells. The good boss explains. The superior boss demonstrates. The great boss inspires”.

We asked you to send us your video celebrating your boss, telling us how great your boss is and why.

Jenny from LeSueur Community Center sent us a heartfelt video telling us only great things about her boss, Allison. Allison has created an environment that allows them to be a team, work as a team, and to celebrate their accomplishments. Jenny said, “It’s awesome to have a boss who is on the same page as you and makes you feel like you are a value to the team”.


Congratulations, LeSueur Community Center! 

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