Q: How do these fitness reimbursements affect my club?

A: By partnering with NIHCA, your club will be visible to a variety of eligible members, insurance plans and employer groups. Your club will gain a fitness industry partner with outstanding customer service and resources to offer the exceptional program(s) for you. Not only would you gain new members, you would retain your current members – great retention tool.

Q: How do we begin to enroll members into the program?

A: The process looks like this:

  • Sign on with NIHCA – this will get you listed immediately as a participating club on our website and on some of the insurance partners!
  • Staff training information for the enrollment and submission process will be emailed to you following enrollment with NIHCA.
  • You will receive information to NIHCA’s secure processor for the data submission process and how it can work for your club!
  • Inform your current members that you are now offering the fitness incentive programs and get the word out to your area businesses to bring in NEW members.

Q: Who is eligible for the program?

A: Currently, NIHCA works with 14 insurance partners and employer groups. Eligible individuals are notified and will be given a card indicating their eligibility. This will be required upon enrolling in the program. Zip code information on your community, with the number of residents with this plan can be disclosed by request.

Q: How does the program work?

A: Eligible members who work out the required number of days according to their health plan will see monthly subsidies and/or points (reimbursement) from their incentive plan. Clubs must have a usage tracking mechanism to participate in the program. NIHCA’s secure processor will work with clubs to acquire the specific data transfer requirements.

Q: How will my members receive their reimbursement?

A: Our secure processor will provide one tracking report to the insurance providers and employer groups including all eligible club members. Our processor will receive a reimbursement check from the insurance providers and employer groups. Then the funds are distributed accordingly to your eligible members.

  • Our secure processor will credit your members EFT (electronic fund transfer).
  • WIN/WIN = You don’t discount your monthly membership rates. Your member gets paid to get healthier while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Complete the activation form. This will allow your facility to have access up to 14 fitness incentive programs, while also being listed and linked on our websites as a participating fitness center. There is an activation fee to join NIHCA; there are also small monthly processing fees.

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