Post Pandemic Numbers and Good News

June 16th, 2022

Spring of 2020 brought many of us to breaking points. We were thrown into these so-called learning opportunities that we would’ve preferred never to have experienced. But here we are two years later with our heads held high and pushing to be better than ever before. We have learned from the experience and we are here to tell you that there is “good” in the numbers. We have heard your words, your concerns, and your stories. We listened. We want to highlight the positives because sometimes in life, it isn’t about the answers, but about the opportunities.

  • Many facilities are back to 75-80% pre-COVID memberships. The great news is that with these membership numbers, the facilities daily usage has increased from pre-COVID.
  • Many of the memberships that were cancelled were members who did not use the facility but had continued paying their membership dues prior to 2020. There was a lot of agreement that the current memberships include good, new members and dedicated/active long-term members.
  • Facilities started looking at their membership rates, as some of them had not been updated in over 5 years!
  • Facilities took the down time in 2020/2021, to cut revenue if it was costing them additional staffing issues and wear-and-tear on the facility. Clubs took the opportunity to make some overdue changes and some tough decisions that in the end helped them stay afloat and grow.

Keep your eyes and ears on your market and watch the trends in the fitness industry. What is working today may get you by tomorrow but might hold you back in the years ahead.

 ~”Don’t get stuck in the past, use it to fuel your future” -Unknown

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