September 2020 Spotlight Winner

$100 September Spotlight Winner ~  Big Muddy Crossfit in ND

Congrats to the Big Muddy Crossfit Bismarck, ND on winning the $100 September Spotlight Contest.
The September contest was to send in a video or pictures of  “How are you encouraging families to exercise together at your facility?”  Big Muddy CrossFit sent us a video of a mother and daughter working out together as well as pictures of families working out together. Their words tell more…

Here is their story:

We encourage our families to workout together by offering both adult and kids classes and in some cases having the kids join their parents in a regular class. We also volunteer within the community where kids are welcome to participate to show that fitness is not just exercise, but also using it for others. We offer family discounts and try to find class times that work for both parents and kids to participate in the same trip reducing travel.  We love our kids and adults and want to offer them a platform to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle while also giving back to their community.

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