September Spotlight Extended and October Spotlight Announced

We want to put the Spotlight on your facility and give back at the same time. Our Spotlight contests take less than a phone call to send us an entry and they offer you a chance to win a $100 check from NIHCA as well as being spotlighted on our social media pages, in our newsletter, and on our blog. Each contest offers a new theme so check back often and send us an email with your entry to

September 2021 contest extended to September 30th!

What NIHCA benefits do you utilize and why?

Do you use all of your NIHCA benefits? Are you aware of our FREE webinars and do you join them? Have you utilized the discounts with our Preferred Venders? When was the last time you popped into our website for a question that came up regarding policies at the club?

October 2021 contest announced

Send us your video celebrating your boss, tell us how great your boss is and why

This month we are turning the tables from looking at what you are doing for your members to celebrating your boss. National Boss Day happens to land on October 15th, our Spotlight deadline. At NIHCA we love celebrating our boss because we have a good, superior, great boss.

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