September Webinar – Staff Stress Busting to Impact Performance During Covid?

Thursday, September 24, 2020

11-12pm CST

Webinar Presented by: Karen Woodard-Chavez

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As each and every one of us under 85 years of age can attest to, we are living through an unprecedented time economically, politically, culturally, generationally and educationally…all stemming from how we are handling our world-wide health pandemic. We have no experience with this and are in a time of constant change, conflicting information leading us to lack confidence in whom and what we believe, all of which creates constant uncertainty.
This webinar will focus on what we can do to minimize anxiety, stress and depression for ourselves, our loved ones and for our staff. Tools you will walk away with include helpful reminders for successful conversations, truly understanding what staff and loved ones need from you, the difference between complaining and contributions and how to train staff (and loved ones) to contribute vs. complain, the 7 Cs of communication, how to better utilize humor in the workplace and the practicality of communicating with a masked face.
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