Summer is Here – Running Dirty in 2019!

Summer of 2019 has just started and already we are getting heated up here in the Midwest. With the heat and the sun beating down, what better time to go on a 5k! A few of our ladies from our office attended the Warrior Dash in Le Sueur MN.

This is an annual event in Minnesota and this year marked the 2nd Anniversary of this fun event for us here at NIHCA.  It was a scorcher with the heat advisory so the mud and the water were a welcomed challenge!

The first thing that came to mind when I found myself swimming in a mud puddle was, “When was the last time I got to enjoy playing in the mud?” I am going to be honest with you, I cannot remember the last time I tromped through mud and enjoyed getting dirty on a hot and muggy day. Except maybe last year when all of our NIHCA ladies participated in the Warrior Dash as part of a team building experience.

While running a obstacle course, you get to experience all of the elements of nature like running over a burning fire, wading through a fast running river, and trudging through mud, not to mention the other obstacles. You get to have a cold beer for participating, along with a T-shirt and Warrior hat, and some memories that are guaranteed to bring a smile and a laugh for years to come!

If you have never done a “mud run”, I would encourage you to push past your normal workout routine and give this a try! It is an incredible experience, and you may just find yourself in the middle of a ton of mud and some great folks having an unforgettable time!

~ 2018 1st Annual Warrior Dash Memory

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