Maintenance and Janitorial Services

November 22, 2022

Cleaning is inevitable. It has to happen at home, at work, and especially at the gym. The question is, who should do the cleaning and when? We asked the NIHCA Networking Group and we received responses from a variety of facilities:

  • University and Hospital facilities often have contracted staff that will come in after hours to clean the facilities.
  • Larger facilities have at least one full time custodian on payroll either during the day or after hours. Some facilities use a contract cleaning service to come in after hours and for the larger cleaning projects.
  • Smaller facilities tend to apply the cleaning duties to staff. This has become more popular in the last few years as more facilities struggle to fill the custodian position either due to lack of application or loss of funding.

Don’t forget to check in with our Preferred Vendors. If you work with a vendor that is not on the NIHCA Preferred Vendor list and you would like to see them added to our PV page, please contact us and together we will try to incorporate them as well.

“When your environment is clean you feel happy, motivated and healthy.” — Lailah Gifty Akita

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