Daily Pass Fee

As a club, it is and should be your goal to increase memberships. As a provider in your community, there is a need to offer daily passes. One of the questions NIHCA gets asked is “how much can we charge for a daily pass”. Then there is the bigger question, “At what age do you require a daily pass to use the facility”. We reached out to the NIHCA Networking Group to get some feedback on these two questions. Here is the data we gathered…

Children under 3 are free and not required to be part of a family membership. Children up to 16 or 17 require a daily pass or a membership. It is also recommended to have a policy in place and clearly stated regarding requirements for minors to be accompanied up to age 15 or 16.

The fees vary on your facilities amenities and your community. On average, we are seeing daily passes range from $5-10.

Also, check out our post on Youth Policy. Let us know, do you have a policy in place regarding age requirements for daily passes, memberships and unaccompanied minors? We would love to hear from you!

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