Hardcopy or virtual, is your website current?

October 31, 2022

Some of us came from an era of daily newspapers and phones with coiled cords. Some of us have grown up with computers, internet and social media being our main sources of information and insight. Either way, we know that your website is a make it or break it for some businesses. Your website might be the first or the only insight a person has into your facility.

We asked the NIHCA Networking group about their digital footprint, how do they keep up their websites and who do they go through for their website needs. The varying answers had us starting our own research. The building of the website and the hosting of the website varied greatly between facilities but there was one common factor; there is one person or department assigned to updating and editing information on the site verses using an outside source.

One facility had a member ask if they could build a new site as they were frustrated with the current one, and it worked out great for the facility. We aren’t here to plug one host engine or website builder over another but we want to remind you that your website is more important today than ever before. Take the time to look at your website with fresh eyes. You may need to give it a facelift or do a little tweaking but do not neglect your website. Take the time to follow through with updates, fresh looks, and current information.

Do you need a graphic, wording, or ideas on how to promote the Fitness Incentive Programs on your website? We are here to help, if we missed you the last time we reached out to your facility to check in, call our office and let us help you with ideas on marketing the programs, (320) 722-0084.

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