Charities in Today’s World

April 7th, 2021

I remember growing up and seeing a jar on the counter of stores and restaurants when a local family or person was in need of some help. I don’t see those jars too often anymore and I don’t know if it’s because we do not use cash as often or if it’s because “charity” has gotten a bad reputation. We may have all chipped in over the last year to help a neighbor or a stranger but going forward how can we still help when we don’t know who needs a little extra? Why not help a charity while being active?

These days we might sign up for a race here and there to help this charity or that one. Some races we just donate through our registration fees.  Other races encourage us to raise funds for the charity being highlighted.  Either way, helping others is the goal but doing so while keeping ourselves healthy is a bonus. has an article/slide show from a few years back but it is still relevant today.  Click on the link to learn more, “These Inspiring Health and Fitness Charities are Changing the World”. Let us know what charities you work with or started.


Acknowledgements: Slideshow by Shannon Bauer

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