What is NIHCA Knows?

January 13th, 2021

Have you heard the buzz? We have a new way of sharing information with you!  NIHCA Knows is a new blog-based platform to keep you updated on what is working for other clubs/fitness facilities in the NIHCA network. Think of it as a library of resources for various questions like salaries, square footage, age requirements, policies and procedures, etc.  We will address questions from our facilities and write a searchable blog for you to review, 24 hours a day. You will be able to search keywords to find the most recent and relevant content on a given subject.

We have had great success sharing information among our Networking Group and would like to offer that information to you, as a NIHCA member!  If you have a topic you would like addressed, you can email your request to rewards@NIHCA.org. The goal is to have a new NIHCA Knows topic/question to post on the NIHCA.org website at least once a month.

We are already building the library! Check it out and bookmark it for easy reference, https://nihca.org/membership/nihca-knows/.  You will notice that right now, we are focused on a lot of the mandates that have been placed on our clubs in Minnesota. While not all of our members are in Minnesota, a good majority are within the state. It is our hope that what we are finding here may help facilities across the nation as we all continue to grow and learn during this ever changing environment. We look forward to restrictions being lifted across the country but until that happens we here at NIHCA will focus on sharing ideas and resources to assist you.

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