Staffing in 2022

May 26th, 2022

The “Great Resignation” that was 2021 is leading to a lot of struggles for hiring in 2022. We are hearing first hand just how hard it is this year to bring in new staff members. We are here to help with some outside of the box thinking.

Some suggestions we received from the NIHCA Networking group:

  • Offering a 20% discount for staff on memberships
  • Offering paid lifeguard classes to attract more lifeguards
  • Offering Lifeguards the option of front desk duty to increase hours
  • Job Sharing – consider part time staffing with more flexible hours (morning/afternoon shift) versus full time with benefits
  • Have a walk-on interview day/session and offer each interviewee a free class or week membership
  • Talk to your members. You may have a member who loves coming in each morning for his workout and never considered working with you but could see himself working 15-20 hours a week for a discounted membership!

The MN Department of Education offers grants to help fund swimming lessons for kids and up to 15% of the grant can be used for hiring safety instructors and/or lifeguards. Get more details here!

Thinking outside of the box and getting creative could be the answer to your staffing needs in 2022. What have you done to increase interest in your job openings? Are you offering untraditional employment incentives? We would love to hear from you, email us at with your out-of-the-box tactics that work.

“Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was – and still is – the most important thing we do.” – Marc Benioff

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