Facility Capacity Mandates in Minnesota for Gyms and Fitness Facilities

Originally Published January 12, 2021

We will continue to update this post as our Minnesota restrictions are lifted

****Updated May 6, 2021****

Restrictions Lifting for MN Clubs

Phase I ~ Beginning May 7, 2021 @ 12 pm:

  • Gym capacity remains at 50%, maximum capacity remains capped at 250*.
  • Machines and people should maintain 6 feet of distance.
  • Indoor classes will continue to operate at 50% capacity.
  • Outdoor classes have no capacity restrictions & no masks required.
  • Indoor: Masks are still required. <updated 5/14/21, see Amended Executive Order>

*Indoor spaces with sufficient normal occupant capacity may exceed 250 people in accordance with the applicable percentage limitations and guidance available on the Stay Safe Minnesota website (https://staysafe.mn.gov).

Phase II ~ Beginning May 27, 2021 @ 11:59pm:

  • Gyms,/fitness clubs will no longer be required to have capacity limits; Facilities may be open at 100%.
  • No restrictions for equipment spacing.
  • Social distancing limits will end.
  • Masks will still be required at this time.

Phase III ~ As of July 1, 2021:

Governor Walz pledges to lift all business and event restrictions including the mask mandate. If 70% of Minnesota citizens get vaccinated statewide, then the restrictions may be lifted sooner than 7/1/12021.

Minnesota’s Stay Safe Plan website: https://mn.gov/covid19/stay-safe/stay-safe-plan/index.jsp


***Updated March 12, 2021****

As of 3/15/21 noon in Minnesota

    • 50% Capacity
    • 250 Max Capacity (4/1/21 occupancy max may exceed 250 if applicable with percentage limits)
    • Indoor Classes increased to 25 people
    • Outdoor Classes increased to 50 people
    • Masks required
    • Saunas to remain closed


 ***Updated February 19, 2021***

As of 2/13/21 noon in Minnesota

      • 25% capacity
      • 250 Max Capacity
      • 6 foot distance between machines and people
      • Classes are now at 25 people with distancing observed
      • Masks required


Our NIHCA Networking Group asked how the total capacity is being interpreted with the new mandates in place.

In Minnesota, the gyms were closed again in late November and early December. Since reopening, there have been greater restrictions on the max occupancy at any given time. This restriction is on a rolling basis; meaning, that at any one time there cannot be over 150 persons in the entire facility or max of 25% capacity.  For Example: if you have a smaller facility with a max capacity of 150 persons then at this time you cannot have more than 37 persons at one time. The restriction is based on the facility and not on individual spaces.

Please verify with your state regarding capacity restrictions during this time as well as proper social distancing.

As of 1/10/21 in Minnesota

        • 9 foot distance between machines and people
        • Classes are now at 25 people with distancing observed

We will continue to repeat that this is an ever changing environment. We too look forward to the restrictions being lifted not only in Minnesota but throughout the country.

Follow the link for the Minnesota’s Stay Safe Plan, https://mn.gov/covid19/stay-safe/stay-safe-plan/index.jsp.  Be sure to check your local government pages for guidelines.

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