What to Expect at a NIHCA Conference & Exhibit Expo

April 27th, 2022

Have you looked at the emails from NIHCA and glanced over the information about our Conference and then set it aside because, “you just don’t know what to expect”? We pride ourselves on being here to answer your questions, so let’s dive into what your day will look like when you join us in Maple Grove on May 12th.

Your registration includes a full day.

  • 8am starts off with registration, breakfast, and mingling with vendors and other attendees.
  • We will gather together for an amazing Keynote Speaker/Singer, Kat Perkins, and be left in awe and pumped with a new energy.
  • After a short break and time to mingle we will split into two breakout sessions. Try to bring someone with you so that together, you can bring the entire conference offering back to your facility!
  • This our first visit to the Maple Grove Community Center so we will have a tour before lunch (Yes, lunch is included with your registration!).
  • Once our plates are emptied, we will split again for two additional breakout sessions.
  • We will break up into networking round tables. This is a great time to bounce ideas off each other! Get to know your friends in the fitness industry.
  • The day will close with door prizes and completing your CEU Certificates.

Did you get all that? We pack a lot into your day because you need to #Leave2Learn. We want you to leave with new enthusiasm, new knowledge, new friends, and the pumped up energy to take back to your facility.

Don’t just take our word for it; listen to what others have said about previous conferences:

~My first time being at a NIHCA conference; I felt very welcomed!”

~”great speakers refreshed & remind me why I got into fitness industry in the 1st place!”

~NIHCA provides an invaluable experience through learning, networking, and overall fun times”

~This was a great experience!!”

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