December 2020 Spotlight Winner

NIHCA $100 December Spotlight Challenge ~ Virtual Workout Program

…and the winner is SDSU Wellness Center, in Brookings, SD! Congratulations 


SDSU Wellness Center is the winner because they sent in this awesome video with all the appropriate requirements. This is a great example of how virtual workouts need to be facilitated in order for your virtual programs to be qualified for the fitness reimbursement programs.

To be eligible
for the reimbursement programs, the definition of a virtual workout must include all of the criteria below:

  • Live instruction with live member workout(s)
  • Instructor must be able to see the members working out at the time of the class
  • Attendance needs to be taken at the beginning and end of class
  • Members must pay for the class and/or membership to participate in the virtual, live workout

Thank you, SDSU Wellness center for putting on a smile and showing us how it’s done.

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Facebook (Direct Link)Instagram